• Attorneys Focus on Dispensaries

    An upcoming Hawaii State Bar Association convention will focus on medical marijuana dispensaries.

  • North Shore Shark Attack

    A 25-year-old man is reportedly in critical condition following an apparent shark attack off Leftovers Beach Park at about 10:30 this morning.

  • The Waiting Game at HNL

    More flights and more passengers lead to a shortage of gates — and delays — at Honolulu International Airport.

Many of Kakaako’s Homeless Are Not Shelter-Bound Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Many of Kakaako’s Homeless Are Not Shelter-Bound

The city says there’s sufficient space in shelters for everyone, but critics point out a lot of people don’t qualify for admission, and others just don’t want to go.

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Honolulu Police Chief Sues Ethics Commission to Stop Probe

Louis Kealoha and his wife ask a judge to stop the city Ethics Commission from investigating them over the case of a missing mailbox.

Hawaii to Expand Voluntary Pesticide Reporting by Big Ag Companies

Hawaii to Expand Voluntary Pesticide Reporting by Big Ag Companies

The Kauai Good Neighbor Program could go statewide by the year’s end, but food-safety advocates say mandatory regulations are needed.

Will the Sit-Lie Ban Cost Agencies Trying to Help Honolulu’s Homeless?

A local coalition currently receives $9.8 million in federal funding, but a new rule penalizes areas seen as criminalizing homelessness.

Whistleblower Lawsuit Filed Against Honolulu Rail Contractor

A former employee of Ansaldo Honolulu JV claims a lack of safety oversight could result in hazardous conditions and liability.

Kakaako Encampment Braces for the Final Sweeps

There was no mass exodus Wednesday, but some homeless people were packing up in advance of Thursday and Friday sweeps.

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Hawaii Health Department Worried About Pesticides at Marine Base Housing

The state wants soil testing done, and it’s also asking a federal agency to help determine if there are health risks at the base in Kaneohe.

Hawaii Regulators Not Quick on Their Feet to Define ‘Dancing’

For years, county liquor commissions have controlled dancing in bars and restaurants where alcohol is served. Now they have to define what it is.

Civil Beat Beefs Up Its Editing Team

We’re adding another editor and expanding our national news coverage through a new network of media organizations.

Unfilled Seats Strangle Hawaii Environmental Council’s Work

Members whose terms expired in June stay on to keep the council running as they wait — and wait — for Gov. David Ige to make new appointments.

Living Hawaii: HECO President Says Cheap Electricity Is a Pipe Dream in Hawaii

Living Hawaii: HECO President Says Cheap Electricity Is a Pipe Dream in Hawaii

The head of Hawaiian Electric Co. talks about Hawaii’s 2045 renewable energy goals and how unique conditions help keep the islands’ power bills so high.

Here’s What Homeless People Have to Do to Get Their Property Back

When belongings are confiscated instead of trashed, Honolulu’s retrieval process is too expensive and cumbersome for many.

Hawaii Lawmakers Deny Access to Their Biotech-Related Correspondence

The Center for Food Safety sought emails between legislators and seed companies. It’s appealing the denials to the Office of Information Practices.

‘God Bless The Military’ Sign Sparks Religious Freedom Fight On Kaneohe Base

If the sign isn’t removed, a group demands more signs, including one saying, “There is no god … We have each other.”

Hawaii Innocence Project: ‘Justice Is A Matter of the Heart’

A legal clinic trying to exonerate those who have been wrongfully convicted has new leadership that’s hoping to free more innocent people.

The Projector: The Sun, the Fun and the Danger Along the Ka Iwi Coast

The Projector: The Sun, the Fun and the Danger Along the Ka Iwi Coast

As the sun finally overpowered the clouds, some visitors couldn’t resist venturing a little farther out on Oahu’s southeast shores than safety officials would prefer.

Is Anybody More Local Than Ben Cayetano? Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Is Anybody More Local Than Ben Cayetano?

Hawaii’s remarkable ethnic and racial diversity and the social tension that comes with it is the subject of a new Connections thread. Who better to kick off that discussion than a man who has worked through it all?

Pod Squad: ACLU Says It’s on ‘Solid’ Legal Footing in Fighting Sweeps Marina Riker/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: ACLU Says It’s on ‘Solid’ Legal Footing in Fighting Sweeps

A lawyer representing the homeless says the city violates the Constitution by immediately confiscating and in most cases destroying possessions.

You’d Think Honolulu Would Have Lots of Sidewalk Cafes, But You’d Be Wrong Cory Lum/Civil Beat

You’d Think Honolulu Would Have Lots of Sidewalk Cafes, But You’d Be Wrong

City planners hoping to make Honolulu a more walkable city are trying to change an old rule that bans sidewalks cafes in most parts of town.


Editorials, Columns and Community Voices
Kevin Chang

The Enduring Song of Uncle Henry Chang Wo Jr.

We’ve lost a man who inspired the old and the young to help Hawaii regain its environmental health.

Kathleen Kozak

Health Beat: It’s Time to Start Screening for Mental Illness

We put up with all kinds of security measures in the interest of public safety. Mental illness can also kill us, if the afflicted are allowed to have weapons.

Jacob Bryan Aki

Naʻi Aupuni Election: A Voice of the Newest Generation

A young candidate for one of 40 delegate seats in the upcoming ‘aha or constitutional convention makes a case for his election.

Neal Milner

Neal Milner: Rein in Political Passion, and We Might Get Something Done

Try a little introspection, investigate what’s behind opinions that differ with yours, and you might become a “superforecaster.”

U.S. Navy Has 20 Years to Fix Leak-Prone Red Hill Fuel Tanks

Hawaii Gov. David Ige and the EPA praise a new agreement to fix the underground storage tanks, but critics say it’s not enough.

NextEra Merger Takes Back Seat to Co-op Talk on Big Island

The Public Utilities Commission hears a lot about alternative utility ownership models, but little about a proposed sale of Hawaiian Electric Industries.

A Lot of Familiar Faces in Hawaiian Self-Determination Election

Candidates include Walter Ritte, Rowena Akana, Bumpy Kanahele, Dante Carpenter, Lilikala Kameeleihiwa and Faye Hanohano.

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Why Can’t the State Make Developers Keep Their Promises?

The state Land Use Commission often lacks the power to enforce the conditions that developers agree to.

The Mysterious Disappearance of an American Fisheries Observer

Keith Davis was in an unusual and sometimes dangerous line of work, often spending weeks at sea to make sure fishermen abide by the rules.

Treating Hawaii’s Sex Offenders: ‘Here, We Don’t Give Up on People’

Of the state program’s 800-plus “graduates,” only 20 have returned to prison after committing a new sex crime, a recidivism rate of slightly more than 2 percent.

Bringing Back Waianae’s Floating Classroom

An organization is working to restore E Ala voyaging canoe and create educational opportunities for students on the Leeward Coast.

Massive Oil Plume Beneath Pearl Harbor Isn’t New, But It Is Shocking

The Navy says the plume is stable, but it is nearly half the volume of the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill.

Is the City Violating the Law in Destroying Homeless People’s Property?

As the ACLU launches a legal battle against Honolulu’s sweeps of homeless encampments, it points to a Los Angeles case in which that city’s sweeps were ruled unconstitutional.

It’s a Once-in-a-Decade Chance to Change the Honolulu City Charter

An assessment of the controversial Honolulu Police Commission is up next for the panel looking at improving the structure of Oahu’s government.