• Justice Antonin Scalia Dead At 79

    The outspoken, controversial conservative voice on the U.S. Supreme Court died during a hunting vacation in Texas.

  • Kekuni Blaisdell Dies At 90

    Dr. Richard Kekuni Akana Blaisdell, a pioneering advocate for Native Hawaiian sovereignty and the founding chairman of the University of Hawaii School of Medicine, has died.

  • ‘Top 10 Reasons Why I Left Hawaii’

    Watch Gene Park’s appearance at the recent Civil Beat storytelling event, “Should I Stay Or Should I go?”

Health Officials: Don’t Make Us Post Care Home Inspections Online Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Health Officials: Don’t Make Us Post Care Home Inspections Online

Hawaii health officials say they “strongly supported” a bill that would let them stop following a law they’ve struggled to comply with, but senators killed the measure.

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State To Release Names of Panelists Awarding Medical Marijuana Licenses

The Department of Health initially refused to identify who will serve on the selection committee. It issued additional policy details Friday.

Governor Issues Emergency Proclamation In Fight Against Dengue

The move allows the state to access more resources in the battle to contain the disease, of which there have been 255 identified cases on the Big Island.

Citizen’s Initiative Bill Deserves Legislature’s Attention

Giving voters the chance to place measures on the ballot through an initiative process would be a boon for democracy in Hawaii.

Utilities, Solar Energy And The Fight For Your Roof

How should regulations be updated to recognize the growth of solar while still ensuring a reliable and affordable power system?

Hawaii’s Charter School Overseers Are Feeling ‘Under Assault’

Amid complaints and the resignation of their director, Charter School Commission members face an uncertain future.

Lawmakers Consider Releasing Some Offenders To Relieve Overcrowding

Under a proposed bill, more than 200 people convicted of misdemeanors could be released from custody to help relieve jail overcrowding.

Hawaii Closer To Implementing Statewide Police Standards

A bill moving through the Legislature aims to ensure better education and training standards for police. But it still falls short in providing better oversight of bad cops.

State Defends Secrecy Regarding Who Awards Medical Marijuana Licenses

The Health Department not only won’t say who’s on the high-stakes selection committee, it won’t say who chose those members.

Health Beat: Prudishness Doesn’t Justify Opposing HPV Vaccinations

The misguided opposition to a proposal to require this cancer-preventing vaccination seems to be steeped in concerns about sexual activity.

Peter Apo: Nai Aupuni – A Nation Rising

The political gathering, or Aha, is taking pivotal steps on the path to self-governance.

Embattled Leader of Charter School Oversight Agency To Resign

The relationship between the commission and charter school leaders has become increasingly contentious in the last year.

Bad Blood From Florida Surfaces At Power Company Merger Hearing

NextEra’s response to the testimony of a former employee-turned-regulator becomes part of an acrimonious exchange.

Measure To Regulate Mopeds More Strictly Passes First Hurdle

The legislative measure would require mopeds to go through annual inspections and registration.

Raising The GET: Will Hawaii Lawmakers Take A Bite Of The Forbidden Fruit?

UPDATED: Bills increasing the general excise tax to support long-term caregiving and education reform cleared key votes Wednesday.

Pod Squad: ‘LGBT Tourism Has Been Reborn’ Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: ‘LGBT Tourism Has Been Reborn’

A new video by the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau is expected to bolster same-sex marriage and LGBT tourism in the islands.

‘What The Hell Have I Gotten Myself Into?’ Cory Lum/Civil Beat

‘What The Hell Have I Gotten Myself Into?’

A reporter discovers an unusual homeless camp in Waianae — and learns a lot about herself in the process.

Pod Squad: What Grade Would You Give The Governor? Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: What Grade Would You Give The Governor?

A pair of UH political scientists rate David Ige’s first year as slightly above average, but note that his admittedly weak communication skills haven’t been tested in a crisis.

Tom Yamachika

Tom Yamachika: Will Hawaii Eliminate The Online Tax Dodge?

Most Americans now pay local sales taxes when they make purchases online, but not those living in the islands.

Miyoko Sakashita

Reject Deceptive Sales Job On LNG As ‘Clean Energy’

Hawaii Gas’ promotion of liquid natural gas as a money-saving bridge fuel ignores its significant costs to the environment and climate.

Eric Stinton

The Elephants On The Island

Housing shortages, finite freshwater supplies, heavy reliance on imported foods — these are among the issues Hawaii must address for a sustainable future.

Jan TenBruggencate

Hawaii Needs All Types Of Farms, Including Industrial Operations

Before you cheer the demise of Maui’s last sugar plantation, consider that the islands need agricultural diversity in order to feed local people and help the economy to thrive.

‘We Need To Speak Out’: Lawmaker Fights For Police Reform

Sen. Will Espero has long been an advocate for more police accountability. The arrest of a DLNR cop has him pushing even harder.

‘Good Government’ Measures Take Another Go At Hawaii Lawmakers

The Legislature was tough on government reform bills last session. This time, proposals such as all-mail balloting and tougher campaign laws may get traction.

The Honolulu Police Department Needs A New Leader

Chief Louis Kealoha promised zero tolerance of domestic abuse in HPD ranks, then promoted a cop with a troubling history to a top position. What gives?

Kahoolawe Reserve Commission Scrabbles For Funding

The state body that manages the former bombing range has nearly exhausted its federal funds.

Hawaii Senators Ponder Rules And Money For Police Body Cameras

The statewide police union opposes the legislation, the ACLU recommends a better bill and HPD wants a dialogue on what it would entail and cost.

Hawaiian Electric Against ‘Substantial Net Benefit’ For Utility Merger

The company is fighting lawmakers’ efforts to make it a legal standard for mergers, replacing one that requires no net harm.

Should Hawaii Buffer Schools From Pesticides?

UPDATED: Lobbyist for chemical companies says “mainland activists” want a pilot project that isn’t needed.

‘Smart On Crime’: Lawmakers Take Up Wide-Ranging Reforms

The massive recommendations of a once-a-decade task force are moving ahead, despite concerns that some go too far.

Zuri Aki: Don’t Allow What Others Have Created To Get Between Us

For a great many Kanaka Maoli, the Na‘i Aupuni convention is the latest Kanaka Maoli battlefield.

Civil Beat Poll: Voters Love Obama But Ige, Caldwell? Not So Much

About 57 percent of Hawaii voters view President Obama positively. But far less feel that way about Hawaii’s governor and Honolulu’s mayor.