• Uber Driver Denies Sexual Assault

    Former Uber driver Luke Wadahara, 24, pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges of sexual assaulting a passenger, 16.

  • Alleged Seal Attacker Arrested

    A 19-year-old Kauai man has been arrested in connection with the recent beating of a 17-year old pregnant monk seal.

  • Parents Of ‘Peter Boy’ Indicted

    The murder charges are in connection with the disappearance of their son, Peter Kema Jr., 19 years ago on the Big Island.

Experts: Act Now To Improve The Contract With An Arizona Prison Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Experts: Act Now To Improve The Contract With An Arizona Prison

The contract governing a deal to house at least 1,400 Hawaii inmates is about to be signed.

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Kauai Medical Marijuana Licensee Accused of Stealing $375K

Justin Britt, the sole dispensary licensee on Kauai, said in a filing that the suit by his business partner is baseless.

Hawaii Lawmakers Need To Finish The Job On Hemp, Medical Pot

Last week’s long-overdue action on both plants shows we’re replacing fear with fact-based laws and policies.

Reader Rep: When Every Story Is ‘EXCLUSIVE’ It Soon Means Nothing

Note to TV reporters: Shamelessly claiming your story is exclusive when it’s based on a press release is bogus — and demeaning.

Survival And Defeat: Hawaii Lawmakers Winnow Bills

Calmer than past sessions but still chaotic, House and Senate members worked to agree on legislation before the deadline.

A Review Board For Police Killings: One Tepid Step Toward Reform

A bill to create an independent review board for police killings and in-custody deaths moved closer to becoming law.

Denby Fawcett: Bishop Museum President Blair Collis Steps Down

The president and CEO of the financially troubled museum was being probed for taking a personal loan from museum funds.

Lawmakers Fail To Cut A Deal To Rebuild Hawaii’s Oldest Jail

An impasse between the Senate and the House leaves plans to replace the crumbling jail in limbo, again.

Hawaii Selects Eight Companies To Grow And Sell Medical Marijuana

UPDATED: Many high-profile applicants including Woody Harrelson and Tetris-designer Henk Rogers didn’t make the cut.

CCA Submits The Only Bid For Hawaii’s Private Prison Contract

State officials reluctantly reveal the bid for a three-year contract to house up to 1,800 Hawaii prisoners on the mainland.

The Projector: Crunch Time At The Legislature

With this year’s legislative session set to end May 5, Senate and House lawmakers raced to triage bills they still hope to pass.

Last-Minute Challenge Fails To Delay Medical Marijuana Licenses

Hawaii’s Department of Health plans Friday morning to announce the licensees to grow and sell medical cannabis.

Civil Geeks: Hawaii Holds its First NASA Space Apps Challenge

Hackers, coders and science geeks dive into challenges for space and here on Earth.

Todd Simmons: Why Does New Hope Make People So Nervous?

A megachurch that wants to be known for its heart struggles with a reputation for wielding its political influence in self-serving ways.

Lawmakers OK Millions To Build Housing But Deny Renters Tax Relief

Nearly $62 million will subsidize developing affordable housing in Hawaii, but key lawmakers don’t support increasing a tax credit for renters.

Maui Water-Rights Bill Clears House

With 10 ‘no’ votes, Hawaii lawmakers passed legislation to let Alexander & Baldwin continue diverting stream water.

Pod Squad: Will We Ever Bring Our Inmates Home From Arizona? Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: Will We Ever Bring Our Inmates Home From Arizona?

The 3,000-mile distance between the islands and Saguaro exacts a heavy cost for inmates, their loved ones and the state.

Hawaii Storytellers: A Question Every Teacher Here Must Ask

Hawaii Storytellers: A Question Every Teacher Here Must Ask

In this podcast, former school teacher Beau Ewan tells a wry story about his struggle to make ends meet in Hawaii.

Pod Squad: Uber-Taxi Legislative Battle Is Also A Culture Clash Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: Uber-Taxi Legislative Battle Is Also A Culture Clash

As they battle it out at Honolulu Hale and the Capitol, ride-hailing and taxi companies also vie for the hearts of riders.

Michael K. Moore

Harnessing The Power Of Parents To Serve Kids With Disabilities

Parents who have experience with the complexities of special education can serve as meaningful guides for parents new to those systems.

Tom Yamachika

Tom Yamachika: Much Ado About Nothing In The Hawaii Legislature

Legislators shouldn’t use tactics to move bills that shut out the public from any voice in the process.

David Negaard

Rich Simplicity: A Teacher Embraces Hawaii’s Challenges

An experienced educator with a graduate degree and “highly qualified” status knows well what makes teaching here difficult. For him, Hawaii’s worth it.

Gil Riviere

Why House Bill 2501 Should Be Defeated: A Parable

One lawmaker creatively explains his position on legislation that would allow Alexander & Baldwin’s continued diversion of Maui stream waters.

House, Senate Agree To $13.7 Billion State Spending Plan

Hawaii lawmakers provided funding for the Hawaii State Hospital, Hawaiian Home Lands, unfunded liabilities and University of Hawaii athletics.

Nominees To Charter School Commission Named

Four out of the nine seats are up for grabs on the besieged Hawaii State Public Charter School Commission.

Under Investigation: Kealohas Speak Out, Suggest They’re Political Targets

Honolulu’s police chief and his prosecutor wife, under a federal grand jury probe, deny allegations of corruption and abuse of power.