• Hawaii Airmen Deploy to Qatar

    More than 50 members of the Hawaii Air National Guard 154th Wing leave for Qatar to help primarily with aerial refueling in support of air operations in Iraq and Syria.

  • Eddie Aikau Event Is A Go

    Organizers of the Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau have announced the event is on for Wednesday at Waimea Bay. This is the first time in six years for the surfing event.

  • Happy Year Of The Monkey!

    Celebrations of the Chinese New Year are well underway in many parts of the globe, including ours. Kung Hee Fat Choy!

‘Smart On Crime’: Lawmakers Take Up Wide-Ranging Reforms Flickr: James Cridland

‘Smart On Crime’: Lawmakers Take Up Wide-Ranging Reforms

The massive recommendations of a once-a-decade task force are moving ahead despite concerns that some go too far.

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Zuri Aki: Don’t Allow What Others Have Created To Get Between Us

For a great many Kanaka Maoli, the Na‘i Aupuni convention is the latest Kanaka Maoli battlefield.

Civil Beat Poll: Voters Love Obama But Ige, Caldwell? Not So Much

About 57 percent of Hawaii voters view President Obama positively. But far less feel that way about Hawaii’s governor and Honolulu’s mayor.

Denby Fawcett: After Albatross Slaughter, Can We Protect Our Wildlife?

The killings of the iconic and federally protected migratory birds as they nested inspires a call for beefed-up patrols of Hawaii’s state wildlife areas.

Transparency, Accountability: What Hawaii Voters Want

A Civil Beat poll finds cynicism and distrust among voters, who want a government that more clearly looks out for their interests.

Pointing to Hawaii Gas, NextEra Claims It Faces A Double Standard

Lawyers for the power company looking to buy Hawaii Electric suggest the gas company had an easier time when it was purchased.

House Chairman Blocks Speaker’s Lease Conversion Bills

The proposals sought to help lessees but could hurt large landowners such as the Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estate.

Where Are The Highest Paid State Workers? Public Health

The top-ranked doctors in Hawaii Health Systems Corp. earn far more than other state workers, even Supreme Court justices.

Civil Beat Poll: More Voters Call For More Police Oversight

But Hawaii voters also say they believe most misconduct is due to a few bad cops.

National Cancer Report Misleads On Native Hawaiian Health

Critics say health issues of Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders swamped by move combining their data with that of larger Asian-American population.

Mandatory HPV Vaccinations Can Help Save Hundreds From Cancer

Sen. Rosalyn Baker’s bill would help Hawaii make progress against the virus and the diseases it causes.

Health Beat: Helping Medicare Patients Without Driving Off Doctors

Hawaii shouldn’t force all physicians to take Medicare patients. But doctors who don’t should pay fees to help those patients get care elsewhere.

Feds Want To Hear From You About Whitetip Sharks

The shark’s fins are highly valued as a delicacy in Asian markets, the primary reason behind overfishing.

Would A Failed NextEra Deal Mean A Return To The Same Old Utility?

An expert advises regulators at the hearing on the acquisition of Hawaiian Electric Industries on what should happen next if the purchase is rejected.

Hawaii Teachers Kick Off ‘Do-Or-Die’ Campaign For Education Reform

Legislative proposals would dramatically change public education in Hawaii, but paying for them is a problem.

Woody Harrelson Wants To Grow Weed In Hawaii

Fifty-nine companies applied for eight licenses to grow and sell medical marijuana in Hawaii.

Pod Squad: ‘LGBT Tourism Has Been Reborn’ Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: ‘LGBT Tourism Has Been Reborn’

A new video by the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau is expected to bolster same-sex marriage and LGBT tourism in the islands.

‘What The Hell Have I Gotten Myself Into?’ Cory Lum/Civil Beat

‘What The Hell Have I Gotten Myself Into?’

A reporter discovers an unusual homeless camp in Waianae — and learns a lot about herself in the process.

Pod Squad: What Grade Would You Give The Governor? Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: What Grade Would You Give The Governor?

A pair of UH political scientists rate David Ige’s first year as slightly above average, but note that his admittedly weak communication skills haven’t been tested in a crisis.

Christopher Rodriguez

School Leadership Is Recognizing We Have Had The Power All Along

Despite all the concern about the dictates of the federal and state governments, the fact is control remains firmly in the hands of schools.

Michael Bishop

Industrial Agriculture Has No Place In Hawaii

Home rule and respect for the land should be more important than corporate agendas.

Tom Yamachika

Tom Yamachika: There Has To Be A Better Way To Cool Hawaii’s Classrooms

The governor’s proposal to borrow from a program for alternative energy systems is simply not the proper way to handle basic infrastructure issues.

Matthew Pflaum

Apathy’s Burden: The Role Of Hawaii In Global Affairs

Compassion, detachment, and a lack of broader political awareness in the state of Hawaii

Governor Calls Out Newspaper’s Superferry Report Via Campaign Email

A statement from David Ige’s communications director was sent to e-mail addresses associated with the governor’s election campaign.

Bill Targeting Homeless on State Land Advances At Hawaii Legislature

Modeled after a Honolulu sit-lie ban to keep homeless people from settling in on public land, the law could be applied on any state-owned property.

House Panel Passes Bill To Fund Vector Control Jobs

The $1.9 million would pay for dozens of full-time Health Department positions to combat dengue fever.

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Faculty Members Take On UH Over Claims Of Broken Promises, Retribution

A case heard Thursday by the Hawaii Labor Relations Board alleges the university didn’t honor key conditions of one professor’s hire letter and retaliated against another.

Civil Beat Poll: Only 16 Percent Of Voters Feel Good About Honolulu Rail

Well over 30 percent of respondents said it’s a bad idea while another 40 percent consider the $6.6 billion project’s progress troubling.

Super Bowl Looms, And A Lot Of Prison Guards Feel Colds Coming On

Correctional officers’ chronic absenteeism still plagues Hawaii prisons, which pay out millions of dollars in overtime but are maintaining visitor hours.

Civil Bytes: Travel-Planning Web App Builds Momentum On Island Time

This Kauai tech entrepreneur already has a day job. By night, he’s developing an app for travelers — and he’s taking his own sweet time to do it.

‘Smart Gun’ Technology Is Gaining Traction

Personalized weapons technology can make a contribution to reducing death and injury from accidental or unauthorized weapons use.

HPD’s New Assistant Chief Has A History Of Domestic Violence

Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kealoha says Ryan Borges learned from his mistakes. But domestic violence activists say the department hasn’t learned how to deal with DV within its own ranks.

Committee OKs Bill Granting Public Access To Police Misconduct Records

For decades, county police officers in Hawaii have been able to keep their misdeeds hidden from the public. A proposed law aims to change that.