Aloha, Star-Advertiser.

Nice to meet you. Welcome to my breakfast table. I’ll be inviting you to join me every morning.

A few thoughts based on our first visit:

The Star-Bulletin was a cleverly packaged tabloid and the new broadsheet reflects the same qualities. It’s nicely put together — even if the comics are getting awfully small. The drawings used to be fun. Now they’re just hard to see.

The publisher says the paper is designed to be “different from just about every newspaper on the mainland.” I’d love to know what about it is different from just about every paper on the mainland. I couldn’t tell. As a former newspaper editor, I’ve worked on a lot of newspaper design projects. I once had a famous newspaper designer tell me that from 30 feet all newspapers looked alike. In the end, it’s the content that matters.

Give the people behind the paper a lot of credit. It’s no easy task to switch from a tabloid to a broadsheet and do it seamlessly with all the complicated things they’ve had to go through as an organization. The first day’s paper was meaty for a Monday, although frankly it didn’t have any more “investigative reporting” than the Advertiser offered most Mondays.

The new website, despite the editor’s promise of “a fresher, cleaner look that is easier to navigate,” doesn’t seem committed to breaking news and I hope that we won’t see the loss of the community voices that were found on the Advertiser’s website. The latest news at the top of the site at 5:59 p.m. Monday: A story from 8:58 a.m.

By the way, it was bizarre today to find five blog posts on the Advertiser’s old site. I would have thought that readers going to either site of the…

Loading Day 1 Of The New Star-Advertiser

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