Every day, I’m scouring the Internet for land use and environmental news from around the state and around the world that means something for us here in Hawaii. Noteworthy today: making room for the rail and trucking trash on the Big Island.

The final Environmental Impact Statements for the rail project, says 20 homes, one church and 66 businesses need to be moved. It has been approved by the feds.

A Big Island consultant is going to weigh expanding the Hilo landfill against trucking garbage to Kona, according to West Hawaii Today.

Speaking of Kona, the Hawaii Land Use Commission is headed back for another round of presentations and testimony on a proposal to build 500 to 600 homes at Ooma.

Reaction to the Na Wai Eha water decision on Maui continues to roll in. The Honolulu Weekly compares the case to Waiahole Ditch.

Improvements to Diamond Head include a new second trail down from the crater’s summit, KITV reports.

Kauai’s Kalalau Valley — my favorite place on earth — is closing this fall for two months, and maybe longer, while loose rocks are dislodged from the mountainside.

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to annex Hawaii on this date 112 years ago. Time sure flies!

Finally, a new map from the American Bird Conservancy shows the extent of the BP oil spill and the potential impact to birds. Click for larger image

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