The Civil Beat Poll

The Civil Beat Poll: Hawaii Sweet On Obama, Sour on Congress

·By John Temple

Hawaii voters continue to approve of president’s performance even as they say country heading in wrong direction.


What do you think it will mean in 2012 that President Obama remains so popular among Hawaii voters? How will it affect other races? Join the conversation below.

About the poll: Civil Beat surveyed 1,152 likely voters on Oct. 20 and 23 using interactive voice response technology (touch-tone polling). The sampling margin of error is +/- 3 percentage points. The margin of error indicates that in 95 percent of samples of this size, the results will be within +/- 3 percent of the actual percentage in the full population of voters. The poll was conducted by Civil Beat using software licensed to Civil Beat by Merriman River Group, a full-service consulting organization specializing in election management, opinion research and communication.