Caldwell’s First Promise: Soap In Bus Stop Bathroom

·By Michael Levine

Courtesy Kirk Caldwell for Mayor

UPDATED In Honolulu rematch, former acting mayor vows to focus on details.


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1. An earlier version of this story inaccurately stated that there was "no connection" between the stored property ordinance and the Hannemann administration. In fact, a similar bill was introduced by the Council in August 2010 at the behest of then-Acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell. Dean Masuno, senior adviser to Council member Tulsi Gabbard, who introduced the new bill in Fall 2011, emailed the following explanation to Civil Beat:

Upon taking office in January of 2011, Councilmember Gabbard assumed the chairmanship of the committee on Safety, Economic Development and Government Affairs. As part of the committee's pending legislation, she inherited Bill 41 (2010). This bill was introduced by the previous administration and attempted to deal with the problem of improper storage of personal items on public spaces. In reviewing all pending legislation, I had learned that Mr. Caldwell was personally involved with its introduction, so I spoke with him about his bill as part of our due diligence to determine whether to pursue its passage. After completing our due diligence, the councilmember decided that she wanted to take the bill in a different direction and drafted a new bill.