From dc808:

City Council member Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign for Congress removed from her website a video message featuring Gabbard speaking broadly about equal rights. 

Gabbard’s views on social issues have generated interest given her dramatic shift from conservative to liberal in recent years. Here’s how Gabbard responded to DC808’s inquiry about why the video was removed:

We are working on a re-launch of my website within the next few days and will be rolling out content on many different issues, including equal rights, economy, foreign policy, and others. Thanks for checking in!”

Gabbard hasn’t yet responded to a follow-up question about whether the original equal rights video will be reposted, or whether it will be replaced with new content.

 Other videos — including Gabbard’s call for an end to the war in Afghanistan and the announcement of her candidacy — remain on the site.  …

Loading Gabbard Pulls ‘Equal Rights’ Video

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