Does Calvin Say Control Reapportionment?

·By Chad Blair

Chad Blair/Civil Beat

UPDATED House dissidents accuse House Speaker of gerrymandering enemies out of office.

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Is there something to the claim by House dissidents — or is it just conspiracy talk?

  1. An earlier version of this article said that 25 votes are needed to be elected House speaker; the correct number is 26.

  2. There are six sets of House incumbents facing each other under the proposed reapportionment maps, not five. When the commission released its maps on Feb. 14, there were five sets of incumbents affected; Rep. Mark Takai, a House dissident, was also reapportioned out of his District 34 seat but faced no opponent because the District 33 seat was vacant. On Feb. 21, Heather Giugni, appointed by the governor Feb. 16 to replace Tom Okamura, was sworn in to the District 33 seat.