Well, this is something new — accusing an opponent of ducking a debate before voters weigh in.

Democrat Ed Case has accepted a debate appearance with Linda Lingle on Aug. 15 — four days after the Aug. 11 primary.

The Maui Chamber of Commerce‘s invitation is to the primary winners, according to a Case email, which adds, “Congresswoman Mazie Hirono was also invited but has not accepted.”

Press release quote from Case:

I look forward to many real debates with Linda throughout the general. I’m sure she, like me, will accept all reasonable opportunities to reach voters including statewide televised debates on our main stations.

 Hirono campaign spokesperson Carolyn Tanaka quickly fired back:

If this event were to take place, there is little for Ed Case and Linda Lingle to debate given how much they agree from raising the retirement age for Social Security to supporting President Bush’s decision to go to war in Iraq, to Ed Case’s opposition to Presdent Obama’s Jobs Act and Linda Lingle’s continued silence against existing proposals to create jobs  here in Hawaii and across the country. It would not be much of a debate — more like a family reunion. …

Loading Case v. Hirono v. Lingle v. Debates

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