Heath Beasley Answers U.S. Senate Candidate Survey

·By The Civil Beat Staff

Courtesy of the Beasley campaign

Editor’s Note: In June 2012, Civil Beat sent 10 questions to each of the candidates registered to run for the U.S. Senate in the Aug. 11 primary. Eight of the 11 responded, including Heath Beasley. The questions and answers are reproduced below in full. Read responses by Ed Case, Mazie Hirono and Linda Lingle to see how Beasley’s positions compare to those of his main competitors. Click on each topic listed below to read Civil Beat’s question and Beasley’s response.

Drone Strikes
Federal Debt
Economic Growth
Akaka Bill
Health Care Policy
Global Warming
Super PACs
Overlooked Issue

1. President Obama has significantly increased the use of drones to assassinate terrorist targets. The policy has been criticized for denying due process rights for at least one American living abroad, and for the collateral killing of civilians. Do you support this policy — why or why not?

America’s foreign policy over the past several decades has weakened the vested power of the Congress to declare war. President Obama’s drone attacks only follows a pattern that pervious presidents carved out of the Constitution with the help of lawyers. The Commander in Chief oversteps their bounds of authority granted by the Constitution in their war actions. They have led the country into countless conflicts like Vietnam, Panama, and many other military operations with out Congress’s consent. I do not support drone attacks without the permission of Congress. Congress should have the final say in what actions this country involves itself. ↩ back to top

2. A divided U.S. Congress has


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