So we couldn’t ignore putting a political spin on this one.

The Honolulu Zoo has three baby warthogs, and is asking the community to help name them.

(Check out Civil Beat Reporter Sophie Cocke’s hog post, ahem, blog post here.)

Considering that we over at Civil Beat are so focused on the upcoming election, the following correlation should be obvious.

There’s a three-way race for Honolulu mayor between Incumbent Peter Carlisle, former Gov. Ben Cayetano and former Managing Director Kirk Caldwell.

Why not name the warthog piglets Peter, Ben and Kirk? Seems timely, right?

The only problem is the names might not stand the test of time.

The primary is Aug. 11, and if one of the candidates doesn’t win the election outright with more than 50 percent of the vote, the November run-off will be a two-person race.

Sorry, for not including a comment about a little piggy crying all the way home. That’s what we in the business call low-hanging fruit.…

Loading Honolulu Zoo’s Piglets: Peter, Ben and Kirk?

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