School Bullies: We Have No One To Blame But Ourselves

·By Curtis Kropar

Look around, bullies are everywhere — in our homes, our government, our businesses.

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Civil Beat Staff

Curtis Kropar

My “Career” in IT started at the age of 14 when my mother enrolled me in computer classes - “College for Kids” at a community college in Pittsburgh PA. Even though she had to borrow the tuition of $25 for the classes, Her unquestionably logical argument was : 1) “If you keep up what you have been doing, your going to end up in jail.” - 2) “I DON'T visit people in jail.” After my first 3 classes, I was hooked. I was a converted geek Thanks mom ! My Career as an IT guy spans the last 29 years. Career path includes (many time overlaps): 15 years teaching. - inner city youth, gang kids and adult education. 25 + years as a programmer. 15 + years as a hardware nut. 6 years as a mad scientist electronics tech. 4 years in medical research. (stay away from the RED freezers) 15 years self employed. 7 years homeless - and proud of what i learned during that time. 100% geek Currently the Executive Director of Hawaiian Hope - a Technology based non profit organization.
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