A mini-scandal involving Honolulu mayoral candidate Kirk Caldwell’s 18-year-old daughter burning campaign signs with a bong has caught the attention of both Comedy Central and the Huffington Post.

Nice Grube reports for Inside Honolulu:

Both media outlets blogged about the incident with Comedy Central putting the item under its “One of  Kind Candidates” banner. Obviously, Comedy Central was a little less serious in tone than the Huffington Post.

Here’s a snippet from the Indecision blog:

Nice try, Kirk Caldwell. The Honolulu mayoral candidate was in some hot poi (I hate me too) last week when photos surfaced on Instagram of his daughter and her friend burning his opponent’s campaign yard sign, and then using the flaming sign to light a bong. Yea… I’m calling shenanigans on that one. If there’s one thing TV has taught us about Hawaii, it’s that Dog the Bounty Hunter might be a high-functioning coma patient. If there are two things it’s taught us, it’s that Honolulu probably has its share of people who aren’t overcome with the vapors because of a bong-wielding girl destroying a campaign sign.

There’s even a poll at the bottom that asks readers to pick a slogan that best fits Caldwell. “I’m a Honolulu choo choo” was leading the pack last I checked.

You can read the post for yourself here. To see what the Huffington Post blogged click here. …

Loading Caldwell Makes Comedy Central, HuffPo

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