Not sure if you’ve heard former Hawaii Gov. Ben Cayetano’s latest radio spot, but it’s pretty intense.

The one minute ad begins with allegations of bullet-holes in campaign banners, intimidation and massive smear campaigns.

It ends with a declaration of war against unions.

The ad specifically targets the Pacific Resource Partnership, which is backed by the Hawaii Carpenters Union.

(To learn more about PRP and how it operates read this story.)

PRP has spent more than $1 million on advertising to support Honolulu’s $5.26 billion rail project and to discredit Cayetano, who has promised to kill it.

Cayetano’s new ad questions this spending.

“Why spend so much against one person? It’s not just about rail, but about power and control,” a woman’s voice says in the ad. “Unions play an important role in our community and economy, but when they go unchecked become dangerous to the democratic process.”

Looks like Cayetano is picking a fight before he gets elected. Shouldn’t be a surprise considering his history of going head-to-head with labor groups.

We’ll see how far he takes it.

One of the more entertaining segments in the new ad is the comparison of Honolulu to two of the most notoriously corrupt jurisdictions in the country — Chicago and New Jersey.

You can listen for yourself here.…

Loading Cayetano Spouts Off on Hawaii Unions in New Ad

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