Their proxies, anyway. It’s the latest back-and-forth attacks between the U.S. Senate campaigns of Mazie Hirono and Linda Lingle.

Excerpts from Hirono’s press release Wednesday (Aug. 15):

Yesterday, Linda Lingle, Hawaii’s Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, released a political advertisement that violates Federal Election laws.  Federal Election laws require candidates for federal office to “Stand By Your Ad” – i.e. the candidate must state that they “approved this message” and have that statement accompanied by a clearly identifiable picture or image of him- or herself. Lingle’s advertisement does not meet this federal requirement.

“By now, it is clear that Linda Lingle’s campaign is trying to remake Lingle’s image and do so quickly as they have only 84 days to try to convince voters that Lingle isn’t closely aligned with the national Republican party and what they stand for,” said Betsy Lin, Campaign Manager for U.S. Senate Democratic nominee, Mazie Hirono. … “We are currently preparing a formal complaint to the Federal Elections Commission and call on Linda Lingle to pull the ad down from TV and her website immediately.”

Excerpts from Lingle’s press release response Thursday (Aug.16):

“Mazie Hirono scored another ZERO yesterday when she falsely attacked our campaign for the size of Governor Lingle’s picture in an ad exposing Hirono’s zero-achievement record during her nearly six years in Congress,” Lingle for Senate Campaign Chairman Bob Lee said today.…

Loading Hirono Says This, Lingle Says That

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