Honolulu Council Member Tom Berg will now face the music for an outburst a couple weeks ago that caused his colleagues to call police to city hall.

Civil Beat’s television partner KITV reports Council Chair Ernie Martin has pulled Berg from the Transportation Committee as well as the Public Works and Sustainability Committee.

The Transportation Committee is headed by Council Member Breene Harimoto. Council Member Stanley Chang is the chair of the Public Works and Sustainability Committee.

You can check out KITV’s coverage here.

Berg released a statement responding to the reassignment, saying he was simply trying to ask questions about the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation’s budget but continued to be “shut down” by Harimoto.

“He should be reprimanded for his perpetuating lies about this rail project and promoting the propaganda for it. Now that is the real travesty.”…

Loading Honolulu Councilman Pulled from Committees for Outburst

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