Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle inked a deal today to add another sister city to the roster.

The agreement is between the Fengxian District, which is along the coast of South Shanghai that has a population of more than 1 million people.

It is Honolulu’s fifth sister city in China. In all, Honolulu has 29 sister city relationships.

Here’s a statement from Carlisle after signing the new agreement with Fengxian District Mayor Zhuang Shaoqin:

“Fengxian District is a vibrant, growing community that we’re very proud to call our sister,” Carlisle said. “This agreement will strengthen our ties and promote friendship between our citizens.”

To learn more about Honolulu’s sister city program click here.

Loading Honolulu’s Newest Sister City — Fengxian District, China

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