Another marijuana case in the news today. Note that in this case, the HPD officer is out on bail, whereas the Hilo pot minister Roger Christie has been behind bars for more than two years.

Inside Honolulu reports:

A Honolulu police officer who planned to sell nearly 50 pounds of marijuana, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute in federal court last week.

Michael Steven Chu now faces up to five years in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000 once he’s sentenced.

According to court records, Chu’s girlfriend, Athena Sui Lee, had 14 pounds of marijuana shipped to his apartment from California.

Read more about the case in this article from the Courthouse News Service.

The story notes Chu can return to his job to “comply with union requirements.”

—Nick Grube …

Loading HPD Officer Busted for Pot Operation Pleads Guilty

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