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Lanai: Still No Word From Larry

·By civilbeat

The New York Times has swooped in and done a takeout on Lanai residents’ trepidation about Larry Ellison’s latest acquisition. 

Our Landblog breaks it down:

Still no word from Larry Ellison in this story by the New York Times today on his purchase of Lanai: Tiny Hawaiian Island Will See if New Owner Tilts at Windmills.

From his handlers:

Mr. Ellison’s associates describe him as drawn by the romantic mystery of a secluded island and said it was unlikely that he would embark on any project that might alter its character. His assistants have told people here that he intends to do a major renovation on the two resorts, suggesting that he sees the island’s future in tourism, and described this as “a passion purchase.”

Read the full story and view the slideshow here.