U.S. District Court Judge A. Wallace Tashima didn’t make a decision at the end of today’s rail hearing, but the attorneys on both sides said they feel like they performed well enough to get Tashima to side with them when he finally does make a ruling.

This sort of interpretation of a judge’s reactions isn’t uncommon. Depending on how a judge asks questions or the tone with which he or she asks those questions leads to speculation, not only on the part of the participants but the media as well.

Ultimately, no one know for sure how Tashima will rule or when. What is known is he has quite a bit of say in the future of the $5.26 billion rail project.

If he sides with rail opponents, it could drastically delay or even kill rail in Honolulu. If not, the project’s future rests on the mayoral election and whether former Hawaii Gov. Ben Cayetano is elected. Cayetano, of course, wants to demolish the project.

One thing Tashima did say during today’s proceedings is that there will likely have to be another meeting between both sides if the plaintiffs win. He called that part of a “remedy discussion” to see what the next steps would be.

Chew on that awhile, and tell me what you think that means.…

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