How far is Dennis Mitsunaga willing to go to protect his name against political attack ads?

Inside Honolulu reports: 

Honolulu businessman Dennis Mitsunaga has now spent more than $62,000 to defend his name against attacks made by the Pacific Resource Partnership.
That tally increased this week when Mitsunaga ran two full page ads in the Star-Advertiser calling on PRP Executive Director John White to take a lie detector test.

Mitsunaga, who had previously spent $30,000 on radio ads rebutting PRP’s claims, wants White to prove he didn’t illegally spend campaign contributions he received during his 2010 run for Honolulu City Council.

“I hereby challenge John White to take a polygraph test to prove that the money was used for legitimate purposes and that he did not simply pocket the money for his personal use. I also offer to pay for the test.”

White has called Mitsunaga a central player in the play-for-play culture that the PRP leader contends plagued former Gov. Ben Cayetano’s administration.

PRP is a partnership between the Hawaii Carpenters Union and local contractors. It has been running  a series of attack ads criticizing Cayetano, who is now a candidate in the race for Honolulu mayor.

Cayetano, who is the frontrunner in the race, plans to kill the $5.26 billion rail project if he’s elected.

—Nick Grube …

Loading Mitsunaga Drops Another $30k Fighting PRP

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