Mazie Hirono‘s U.S. Senate campaign has been making hay over a Linda Lingle campaign ad which Hirono’s folks argue violates federal election law.

Excerpt from a press release Thursday (Aug. 16):

Here are the facts: Lingle’s advertisement didn’t comply with the “Stand By Your Ad” requirement, which maintains that TV commercials paid for by candidates for federal office must include the candidate stating that they “approved this message” and have that statement accompanied by a clearly identifiable picture or image of him- or herself (the candidate’s picture/image must take up “at least 80 percent of the vertical screen height”).  …

Rather than taking responsibility for the simple mistake, the Lingle campaign issued a press release today, in which they asserted that the TV commercial they were running was different from the internet commercial and that TV commercial complied with federal election standards. …

Asked for a response, here’s what Lingle campaign manager Bob Lee had to say:

It is remarkable that Mazie Hirono continues her desperate attempt to avoid talking about the facts and substance of the “Do the Math” ad. Does Mazie Hirono have anything to say about the fact that not a single bill she sponsored from the time she was elected through today became law?

We have proven that the disclaimer is compliant. All of the television and cable stations have confirmed again that they are running the correct, FEC compliant spot. 

After speaking with the stations again, they did inform us that during the satellite transfer of the television spots, two feeds were sent to the stations. It appears that two of the stations inadvertently ran the internet spot in the news on Tuesday evening only. The stations corrected it themselves and have been running the correct spot since Wednesday morning and will continue until further notice.

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