Honolulu City Council Member Ikaika Anderson is taking his show on the road.

The recently re-elected councilman pushed a bill that banned business activities at Kailua and Kalama beach parks seven days a week.

Although Mayor Peter Carlisle vetoed Bill 11, the council overturned him at its last meeting.

Now Anderson is scheduled to be in Waimanalo to talk to the neighborhood board there about whether that town needs its own business ban.

This is the exact issue that Carlisle and others have been concerned about when it came to the council passing Bill 11.

Here’s an excerpt about Bill 11 from Carlisle’s veto message to the council:

It sets a precedent of closing our beach parks to all commercial activity and affects people’s ability to earn a living, whether or not they contributed to the problem.

Regardless of how much of a total ban at Kailua and Kalama Beach Parks might make good sense, I am concerned that allowing this bill to become law will make it harder to refuse other neighborhoods wishing to do the same down the road. The better approach is to work on rules island-wide. …

Loading Beach Ban Expanding? Possibly in Waimanalo

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