From a DOE press release:

The State Public Charter School Commission announced today the appointment of its Executive Director, Tom Hutton. Mr. Hutton is a national authority on education law and policy and was a co-founder of a noted Washington D.C. charter school, Thurgood Marshall Academy. He, his wife and two children recently returned to Hawaii after living away from the islands for a number of years. Mr. Hutton has served as in-house counsel for the National School Boards Association and as a school attorney in private practice. He is a graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center and an alumnus of the University of Hawaii Public Administration graduate program.

The new law governing charter schools, Act 130, was enacted in 2012 and created a solid charter school governance structure with clear lines of authority and accountability that will foster improved student outcomes. The selection of the Executive Director is another step in moving towards fully implementing the new law. “The Commission worked diligently through a rigorous process in selecting the right individual to fill this new executive director position,” noted Commission Chair Karen Street. “Tom will bring valuable experience and insights both at a tactical and big picture level to assist all stakeholders in fulfilling the goals of the new law. His passion for excellence in public school education is inspiring.”

The Board of Education Chairman, Don Horner also stated that “Charter schools serve an important role in reaching our overall educational achievement goals. Tom is well qualified to advocate for our charter schools to have the autonomy and resources to be effective and accountable.”…

Loading Hawaii Charter School Commission Gets New Director

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