In case you missed it, here’s Rep. Faye Hanohano‘s statements regarding a news story reporting allegations that she used racial and ethnic slurs.

On the floor of the House of Representatives Thursday (Feb. 28):

‘O ku’u leo mihi ho’i kēia e noi ha’aha’a nei iā ‘oukou i ka huikala mai ia’u.

I am an honest and straight speaking woman whom descends from  long line of proud leaders and warriors from Puna of Hawai’i island.

I aloha all of our people in Hawai’i and will continue to find ways to champion the plethora of issues and challenges that my Hawaiian people continue to endure.  I firmly believe in my na’au, in my heart that when my native people don’t just survive but actually thrive and prosper then ALL of our other ethnicities of Hawai’i nei shall find greater benefit and blessing.

Todayʻs word is MIHI and I humbly apologize to all of you whom may have been offended by sentiments expressed that were taken into the news media. I realize that as public elected officials we all come to the table and kukakuka about the issues that matter most to our communities.  Sometimes we agree, and sometimes we donʻt however let me reaffirm my commitment to all of you that I shall serve my people and the people of the State of Hawaii to the best of my ability, integrity and for the honor of my kupuna.

Statement of apology released later Thursday:

Loading Rep. Faye Hanohano: ‘Ka Hua ‘ōlelo O Ka Lā — Mihi’

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