An unexploded bomb was found inside a squid caught by a Chinese fisherman, The Huffington Post reports.

The bomb, found when the meter-long squid was slaughtered, was later detonated by police. 

From The Huffington Post:

“This sort of squid lives close to the shore and normally makes a meal of small fish and prawns,” Mr. Huang, the man who made the discovery, told Guangzhou Daily newspaper.

“Perhaps he thought the bomb was his favorite food and gulped it down. He certainly had a big belly when he was caught,” he added.

According to the Telegraph, the bomb weighed roughly three pounds and was shaped like an eggplant.

Meanwhile in Hawaii, scientists have been studying the thousands of munitions, including chemical weapons, that were dumped by the military off the coasts in the years surrounding World War II . One concern is their potential impact on sea life. 

(Photo: An unexploded mustard bomb off the southern coast of Oahu; University of Hawaii, SOEST)…

Loading Squid Eats Bomb, Ends Up in Chinese Fish Market

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