Castle High School valedictorian Kiana Ringuette graduated this year taking home more than her diploma. 

She also received prizes for winning first place in both categories of the school’s Redesign Art Contest, which asked graphic design and digital media students to submit Castle High logos and templates for potential use in publications such as business letters and bulletins.  

Both Ringuette’s logo and template entries took the cake in their respective categories. The Hawaii Association of Media Arts and other community members judged the entries. 

The contest is part of the Castle Redesign Initiative, which brings the school and the community together to create a new curriculum. The project is the first of its kind in Hawaii’s history and stemmed out of an effort to reverse poor academic achievement and other concerns at the school. 

Ringuette, who’s also a national merit finalist, won a cash prize, a certificate of honor and letters from the Castle-Kahuku complex area superintendent and from the judging team. 

Ringuette’s winning logo design. She also created a template for use in letters and other documents. (Photo courtesy of the DOE Windward District Office.)…

Loading Castle High Valedictorian Designs School’s New Logo

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