From The Garden Island:

Atrazine, chlorpyrifos and bifenthrin somehow made it inside Waimea Canyon Middle School. And according to an attorney, federal regulations forbids it from ending up there.

“Because the health risks are often unknown and evolving, this is one reason why pesticide labels expressly prohibit drift,” said Kyle Smith, one of the two attorneys representing the Westside community in a lawsuit against Pioneer Hi-Bred International.

In less than three years, the three restricted-use pesticides have been detected in water or ambient air samples collected at the school, nestled among a checkerboard of agricultural lands farmed by bio-tech seed companies on Kauai’s Westside. Read the full story.

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Waimea Canyon courtesy Grandpa & Grandma T.

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Loading Attorney: Pesticides At Waimea Canyon Middle School Violate Law

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