State Rep. Chris Lee, a Democrat close to House leadership, is telling supporters that fellow legislators and Gov. Neil Abercrombie are considering a special session “to bring marriage equality to Hawaii.”

Lee states, “We know delaying until 2014 will make Hawaii ground zero for a national war on this issue. Instead, we can — and should — resolve this now, in 2013, on our own terms and in our own way. We are at the threshold of history. … It’s simple. We are all equal in Hawaii.

And: “As a legislator, I know what my colleagues are going through. Whether for or against, every lawmaker carries a heavy burden and hears passionate voices on all sides. But these are the times for which we were elected and I am confident that we will come together, fulfill our constitutional duty, and do the right thing.”

Lee’s message was expected to be sent Wednesday (July 31) in coordination with Hawaii United for Marriage, the group playing a leading role in the push for same-sex marriage legislation.

Photo: Hawaii House of Representatives. (Chad Blair/Civil Beat)

—Chad Blair…

Loading Special Session Coming for Hawaii Marriage Equality?

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