U.S. Representative Colleen Hanabusa (HI-01) today (Friday, Aug. 30) released the following statement regarding U.S. involvement in Syria in the wake of reported chemical weapons attacks on Syrian civilians:

“As it stands now, U.S. military involvement in Syria lacks a solid legal basis, a clear long-term strategy, and vital international and domestic approval. Though intelligence has been presented by the Obama Administration, I am not convinced that it serves the purpose of justifying military force or other intervention in Syria. This is an issue that deserves a rigorous and transparent debate about its ends and its means. …

“The last decade of conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan demonstrated what comes of war waged with poor planning. Faulty intelligence on WMDs drew us into a bloody struggle in Iraq. Our friends in Great Britain remembered this, and have taken a reserved approach to Syria. I believe it will likewise serve our national interests for President Obama to seek thorough and ongoing Congressional consultation, and await a full review of evidence presented by the UN before considering action in Syria. …”

Photo: Syria. (FreedomHouse).

—Chad Blair

Loading Hanabusa: U.S. Lacks Legal Basis, Strategy, Support for Syria Attack

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