Courthouse News Service has this story. Excerpt:

A former inmate claims that a prison guard in Hawaii drugged and molested her and took photos of it.

Genalee Lana sued Hawaii; her alleged molester, prison nurse Leroy G.S. Melchor; Oahu Community Correctional Center Warden Francis X. Sequiera; and Department of Public Safety Director Jodi Maesaka-Hirata, in Hawaii’s First Circuit Court.

Among other things, Lana says in the complaint, Melchor “claimed to be her friend and did ‘favors’ for her such as providing her with contraband, extra supplies, candies, and provisions … complimenting her and telling her that he would like to show her around the island; and showing her another inmate’s file on his office computer.”

Lana claims that Melchor inappropriately felt her breasts and butt after she complained of a spider bite, then called her back to the medical unit a few days later “to examine her breasts and give her candy. …”

Loading Creepy Allegations at OCCC Nurse’s Office

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