Circuit Court Judge Karl Sakamoto today rejected a challenge by GOP Rep. Bob McDermott and others to halt same-sex marriage in Hawaii.

While Sakamoto said the plaintiffs did have standing to challenge Senate BIll 1, which was signed into law yesterday, the Hawaii Legislature retains the power to define marriage.

Bottom line: Sakamoto concluded that same-sex marriage is legal in Hawaii, as it is in compliance with the state’s laws on equal protection.

Attorney General David Louie argued that the plaintiffs were in court simply because they did not want to accept the policy of legislators.

“That’s the nature of democracy, and that is how our Legislature functions,” he said.

Gay couples can get married in the Aloha State beginning Dec. 2

Photo: Capitol Rotunda, Nov. 12, 2013. (PF Bentley/Civil Beat)

—Chad Blair

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