Kauai Mayor Reportedly Threatened Over Veto of GMO Bill

·By civilbeat

The Garden Island has this story on possible threats to Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr. The threats may be related to the mayor’s veto last week of a bill to control pesticide use on GMO crops.


Officials declined to elaborate Saturday on details of the investigation regarding the mayor receiving threats following his veto of Bill 2491 on Thursday. …

On Friday, the Kauai Police Department said in a press release it was investigating threats made against government officials and private property owners that are related to the recent decision by Carvalho to veto Bill 2491.

The reported threats came in a number of forms, according to the department. …

Photo: Screen shot of  Mayor Bernard Carvalho testifying on Bill 2491 before the Kauai County Council. (Sophie Cocke/Civil Beat)

—Chad Blair