Honolulu might be beefing up its nuisance laws to target people who hoard garbage, weeds and other junk on their properties.

City Councilwoman Ann Kobayashi introduced a bill last week that, if signed into law, would allow officials to fine homeowners up to $1,000 a day for accumulating mounds of trash and other debris around their houses.

Specifically, Kobayashi wants to go after homes where there is “an accumulation of weeds, vegetation, junk, dead organic matter, debris, garbage, offal, rat harborages, stagnant water, combustible materials and similar materials conditions constitute a threat to the health, safety and/or welfare of the neighbors.”

Bill 8 would also provide a mechanism for city officials to go onto an individual’s property to remove, destroy or otherwise get rid of the rubbish at the owner’s expense. The city would first need to obtain a court order before taking such action.

You can read the entirety of Kobayashi’s bill here.

Photo via Flickr courtesy of Plutor.…

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