Four former inmates from the state’s Women’s Community Correctional Center are scheduled to speak at the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Richardson School of Law next Wednesday. 

The women will share their “deeply personal stories” from the state’s only female prison with the law school community and members of the public, a press release says. 

The event is part of a project known as the “Prison Monologues,” which started nearly a decade ago as a creative writing class aimed at helping the inmates “use their own words to address their fears, and progress through self-discovery to healing.”

The “Prison Monologues” is designed to raise awareness about rehabilitation programs within the prison system.

“The stories — created from original writings by former prisoners about their experiences and emotions in prison — often bring tears but also laughter,” the press release says.

After the event, the Phi Delta Phi Honor Society, which spearheaded the effort to bring the “Prison Monologues” to UH, will be collecting toiletries, perfumes and the like to put together 300 gift bags for current inmates.

Photo: Prison razor wire. (Courtesy of katerha via Flickr).…

Loading Former Inmates to Share Stories from Hawaii Women’s Prison

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