The price of attending a four-year University of Hawaii campus for out-of-state students has risen by 50 percent over the past five years — the second highest rate of increase in the country, data from the College Board shows. 

Hawaii is second only to Louisiana, where out-of-state tuition increased by 69 percent. The national average is 19 percent, according to the data, which was included in the Hawaii Educational Policy Center’s testimony on this year’s state budget bill (House Bill 1700). 

Out-state-tuition for the University of Hawaii at Manoa is about $25,000. That for Hawaii residents is a little over $9,000.

A relatively small percentage of UH Manoa’s students are from outside of Hawaii — 21 percent. An even smaller percentage of UH West Oahu’s students are out-of-state: slightly more than 3 percent. 

Photo: UH Manoa’s 2012 undergraduate class. (Courtesy of UH via Flickr)…

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