Kapio News, the newspaper run by students at Kapiolani Community College, is printing its final issue at the end of this month. 

The announcement was posted on the newspaper’s Facebook page in early April. The school administration made the decision to shutter the paper because it wants to “move Kapio in a new direction,” the post says. 

Now, the publication will feature “outstanding student work and other events as deemed important by the school,” according to the Facebook post. Because Kapio will be run by faculty and staff, student writers and editors are no longer needed. 

The farewell issue will be distributed the week of April 28. 

Readers and alumni have since come together on social media urging the paper’s staff to resist the school’s decision. 

Among those protesting the shutdown is Robert Lopez, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter at the Los Angeles Times who started his career as a student reporter for Kapio. 

But Kapio staff members say it’s unlikely they’ll be able to petition the University of Hawaii to keep the student-run paper alive because of how little time there is left before the end of the year. And creating a separate student-run publication, they say, would be difficult because KCC would consider it an unofficial student group and would not compensate the students for running it; Kapio staff members are currently paid as student workers.

As much as many of our staff members would like to continue writing, we do need a paid job to help cover our personal expenses,” another post says.

Photo: Kapio News. (Courtesy of Kapio’s Facebook page)

— Alia Wong…

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