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Why I Support Frank Wiercinski for UH President

The former military man might, with his broad experience, help the University of Hawaii move beyond its blunders and dysfunction.

·By Peter Carlisle

It doesn’t require multiple advanced degrees to conclude that UH has been stalled in troubled waters for far too long.

A good place to start a recitation of the university’s woes is with President Evan Dobelle, a gifted grifter who seemed to bathe in snake oil. At the university, Dobelle gained a national reputation for his frequent financial indiscretions, including billing for lavish personal expenses. Rather than being booted out the door, he agreed to leave — and was rewarded with an unholy sum of money and various benefits. As a

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Peter Carlisle

Peter Carlisle is a partner at O'Connor Playdon & Guben. He previously served as Honolulu's 13th mayor and as its third elected Prosecuting Attorney.
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