State Sen. David Ige has won a historic victory in the Hawaii governor’s race, knocking out Gov. Neil Abercrombie in an unprecedented defeat for an incumbent governor.

Ige defeated Abercrombie 66 percent to 31 percent, according to the 3:25 a.m. results posted early Sunday.

The Associated Press called the race for Ige at about 7:45 p.m. and news outlets began declaring victory for the state senator soon after.

The governor conceded the race not long after 9 p.m.

Left to Right: Nancie Caraway, Dawn Ige, Sen. David Ige and Gov. Neil Abercrombie vow to work together after Ige beat Abercrombie in the gubernatorial primary.

PF Bentley/Civil Beat

With his wife, Nancie Caraway, and many supporters standing by him, the governor said he would do all he could to make sure Ige succeeded him in office.

He also said he had no regrets.

“Every waking breath has been for you, Hawaii,” he said. “I have given all I can every day I can.”

The governor vowed to be behind Ige “100 percent, because the governor’s office belongs to the people of Hawaii.”

“Hawaii is everything to me. Anything I can do — whatever experience I have  —  everything is going to be committed to this campaign,” Abercrombie said before heading over to Ige’s campaign headquarters. “The party is going to be in good hands.”

Meanwhile, at Ige campaign headquarters, temperatures inside the campaign party were hot but supporters in a sea of blue campaign shirts didn’t mind. They fanned themselves with blue Ige campaign fans, hugged each other and shook hands. Orchids adorned the tables where a huge feast was laid out, compliments of volunteers.

Even as the governor was conceding, Ige was speaking to his supporters. He cautioned that there are still more numbers to come …

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