Hawaii residents can expect to have more information soon about what pesticides large agricultural companies are applying to crops statewide.

The state Department of Agriculture is planning to expand the Good Neighbor Program, a voluntary effort on Kauai in which large agricultural companies — Dow AgroSciences, Pioneer, Syngenta, BASF and Kauai Coffee Company — voluntarily report the types and amounts of restricted-use pesticides that are sprayed each month.

The companies also abide by 100-foot buffer zones for pesticide applications and upon request, notify neighbors before spraying.

Monsanto fields on Molokai. The island of Lanai is in the background.

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Scott Enright, director of the state Agriculture Department, said he expects the program to be implemented statewide by the end of the year. He declined to provide details because discussions with the companies are ongoing.

Enright said the expanded program is in response to widespread concerns from residents about what chemicals Monsanto and other seed companies use when they grow genetically modified crops.

“We have been listening to the communities,” said Enright.

John P. Purcell, vice president at Monsanto Hawaii, said in a statement that the company is “working on a model that incorporates information on good farming neighbor practices based on our existing farm stewardship practices.”

Scott Enright of the Agriculture Department expects the program’s expansion to occur by year’s end.

Office of the Governor

“We are in conversations with the Hawaii Department of Agriculture and once we have something in place, we will be able to share this broadly,” Purcell said in the statement. “Safety and stewardship are our top priorities and as part of this effort, we have expanded our education and outreach efforts to ensure the public that we are using the most…

Loading Hawaii to Expand Voluntary Pesticide Reporting by Big Ag Companies

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