No Data Supporting Appointed Ed Board Over Elected

Hawaii Board of Education

Voters will decide this November whether they would rather trade in their elected board of education for an appointed one, but little data exists to help them make an informed decision.

If they were to base their decision on the example of other districts, the more than 11,000 elected local school boards nationwide would speak for themselves. The total overwhelms the roughly 40 local districts with appointed boards, according to data from the Education Commission of the States. The commission doesn't have data on approximately 3,000 others.

At a state level:

  • 25 have appointed boards.
  • 12 have elected boards.
  • 11 have boards composed of a combination of appointed and elected members.
  • Two have no state board of education at all.

However Hawaii is unique, because it's the only state with a single school board that oversees statewide and local operations.

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