Inouye In Charge: A Study In Leadership

U.S. Govt.

A Senate Appropriations Committee meeting chaired by Daniel K. Inouye is a little like going to church.

Participants are dressed in their Sunday best, no one speaks unless spoken to, and everybody shows up out of fear that his or her absence will be frowned upon.

Even Inouye's voice — sonorous, deep — and his evenly paced words carry the authority of a highly revered figure.

"This committee will come to order," said Inouye to a crowded conference room at the State Capitol on Wednesday. "Aloha."

He may as well have added, "You may be seated," because everyone stood when he walked into the room.

Now the longest-serving senator and third in line for the presidency, Inouye, who is seeking his ninth term in office this November, remains a master of both Hawaii and Washington politics.

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