Civil Beat Poll Reveals Hannemann's Problems, Abercrombie's Strength

Courtesy, Abercrombie/Hannemann campaigns

Mufi Hannemann won the Honolulu mayor's office twice in nonpartisan races. Neil Abercrombie won the congressional seat representing Honolulu 10 straight times in partisan races.

Now that they're facing off for the Democratic nomination for governor, Hannemann's history may be coming back to haunt him, according to an analysis of a new Civil Beat poll on the Sept. 18 primary race.

The automated telephone poll of 1,226 likely primary voters poll found Abercrombie has opened a wide lead, 48-31 percent.

"Hannemann supporters are less likely to vote in a Democratic primary," said Matt Fitch, executive director of the research firm that conducted the poll for Civil Beat. "They're the non-Democrats."

The poll, conducted by Aloha Vote, found that voters who identify themselves as Democrats pick Abercrombie over Hannemann by a 2-1 margin, 61 percent to 29 percent. The gap narrows with independents, 43-32 percent, but that's still a comfortable edge, well beyond the poll's margin of error of 2.75 percent. Hannemann only beats Abercrombie with Republican voters, 40-23 percent.


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