Who'd Be a Green Governor? Mufi Hannemann

Courtesy of Mufi Hannemann

Editor's note: Today we're taking a look at the environmental records of the leading candidates for the Democratic nomination for governor. Voters will choose between Neil Abercrombie and Mufi Hannemann in Sept. 18's primary election. Their past work on energy and the environment point us toward an understanding of how they would manage Hawaii's natural resources as the state's leader. Here's the link to the related article about Abercrombie.

Mufi Hannemann

In the six years since Mufi Hannemann took office as Honolulu mayor, a lot has changed.

For more than half a decade, Hannemann ran the 12th most populous municipality in America. His record — that is, his past actions in office and not just campaign positions or future goals — might be thin on some issues, if only because of the way that the counties and the state share responsibilities in Hawaii.

But for those citizens that think about the environment when they step into the voting booth, the bread and butter of Hannemann's record — a slew of massive infrastructure projects — gives some clear indicators for how he'd perform as governor.

He pushed hard for rail as a means of taking cars off the roads and reluctantly oversaw major steps forward on curbside recycling and sewer repairs. We explore — through an environmental lens — Hannemann's record on some of the biggest issues he handled as mayor.

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