Civil Beat Shares Office of Hawaiian Affairs Salaries

Civil Beat

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs is the state agency that appears to spend the smallest percentage of its budget on salaries.

Still, OHA pays its employees well, with nobody on staff earning so little as to be eligible for food stamps.

While payroll typically is an organization's largest expense, salaries make up only about 22 percent of OHA's $40 million annual budget. By comparison, the University of Hawaii and Hawaii Health Systems Corp., two other so-called semi-autonomous state agencies, spend 67 percent and 63 percent, respectively, on payroll.

Civil Beat filed a request under Hawaii's open records law asking for the names, positions and salaries of all OHA employees. The request is part of a larger effort to make more transparent how government spends taxpayer money. (You can also read articles about state salaries, University of Hawaii salaries, Department of Education salaries, pay at Hawaii Health Systems Corp. and at the Legislature. We will be publishing the same information regarding the City and County of Honolulu.)

Here is the data as provided by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

Civil Beat has created a searchable database for full members to make the data more accessible. Here's an example of such a database.

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