On Abercrombie's First Day, Everything Old Seemed New Again

Chad Blair/Civil Beat

On the old "Hawaii Five-O" TV series — the one where the good guys wore dark suits and didn't flex their bare abs in the noonday sun — Steve McGarrett would often meet discretely with the "governor" as the chief executive ate his lunch alone under a tree.

As everyone in Hawaii knows, Iolani Palace was where the fictional Five-O had its offices. And the place where the governor and McGarrett met for back-channel talks — invariably to find a way to solve the crisis of the day — was beneath a shady banyan on the palace grounds.

I kept thinking about those episodes while watching Monday's inauguration events. It seemed to me as if the ceremony, held at the coronation pavilion, was a calling to a Hawaii of the past — or at least the past that preceded the last eight years.

It was as if the Lingle-Aiona administration had been a dream — a brief interlude in the nearly uninterrupted rule of Democrats that began in 1954 during the territorial period.

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