Instant Runoff Voting in Hawaii Gains Traction

Adrienne LaFrance/Civil Beat

A measure that would bring instant runoff voting to Hawaii and prevent a candidate from winning a state or local election with less than a majority of votes is making progress in the Legislature.

The House Judiciary Committee unanimously passed House Bill 638 on Tuesday. It now heads to the House Finance Committee.

“I’m glad that it’s going to hearing and that we can possibly have a process voters are confident in,” said Rep. Della Au Belatti, who sponsored the bill. “We want a stronger democracy and we want elected officials that are supported by a larger majority. IRV provides more confidence in the process."

“It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s a way to strengthen our democracy. The winner-take-all approach can be disempowering for some voters because voters might think their vote doesn’t count,” she said.

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