Still No Report Card for Hawaii Teachers

The Hawaii Department of Education has made significant progress on most of its key Race to the Top goals, but it has barely touched one controversial area: teacher performance evaluations.

Superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi presented an update on its Race to the Top status at a special Board of Education meeting Tuesday afternoon. It was the most detailed report the department has shared since Hawaii was selected to receive one of the coveted federal Race grants last August. The grant gives the state $75 million to be spent over the next four years on systemwide school reforms.

Hawaii's broad objective is to use data to determine which programs, tactics and teachers are producing the most successful students in school — and to duplicate those successes in every classroom.

The report contained a self-evaluation of its progress on the five major areas where Hawaii has promised reforms. Each category includes a long-term objective, the desired outcome for the 2010-2011 school year year, and the activities planned for this year.

But the department has made the least progress when it comes to teacher evaluations — perhaps the most controversial reform area. They've made only small steps toward an eventual goal of negotiating performance-based pay and placement for teachers.

Here's a look at Hawaii's progress:

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