Abercrombie: Hold Me Accountable

Rj Brown

Gov. Neil Abercrombie has put our money where his mouth is.

Within months of promising to restore hot water to Honolulu's Mayor Wright Homes, he appropriated $2.5 million to fix the problem. As if underlining how seriously he wants to tackle the issue, he spent part of Tuesday afternoon touring the public housing complex. The governor met with residents and insisted he be held accountable for change.

How quickly will residents have hot water?

"It's going to be immediate," Abercrombie told reporters. "And it's going to succeed. And they can hold me to account for that."

The plight has become a test for Abercrombie. If residents in a private apartment didn't have hot water, it would likely be a violation of the lease and the tenant could take legal action — and withhold rent. At Mayor Wright, the state is the landlord.

Mayor Wright residents say they've had to deal with broken solar water heaters for years. Cold showers and poor sanitation have become the norm.

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