Big Island a Victim of Tsunami 'Bad Luck'

flickr: kewl

The Big Island got the brunt of the tsunami that rolled through Hawaii early Friday.

Experts say that's a function of the islands' formation and the location of the earthquake that started the huge waves off of the coast of Northern Japan.

"It's basically geography and a bit of bad luck," said geophysicist Gerard Fryer of the Ewa-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, the part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service that monitored last week's event.

"If there's a tsunami coming from Japan, the Kona coast always seems to get it, and our numerical models seem to support that," he said. "The Kona coast faces the wrong direction. While tsunamis can cause run-up on all sides of all islands, it's usually the worst on the side facing the incoming tsunami."

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