City Plans to Spend $38 M on Road Rehab Before July

Honolulu Managing Director Doug Chin said Oahu residents can expect to see "a lot more road work" between now and the end of the fiscal year on June 30.

The city is planning to spend $38 million in a three-month span, after spending $38.7 million in the 21 previous months. Chin says it's "not unusual" for a large amount of money to be encumbered — or assigned for a specific purpose — toward the end of the two-year cycle for which it's appropriated.

The spending binge comes as the administration is proposing $32 million in cuts for road work in the next budget year. But Chin says the cuts are not as drastic as the City Council complains.

The city set aside $77 million for two years of road work in 2009, Chin said. It spent $38 million of that through March. Last year, it set aside another $77 million, almost none of which has been spent.

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